Regular and Gluten Free Bakery

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Celestial Bites has been my vision and my passion for over a decade and it is finally coming to fruition. Haven’t we all grown tired of the tastes we had when we were young? Are they lost forever? Baking is more than following a recipe and using the most readily available and most affordable ingredients. We live in a world that uses high fructose corn syrup and over processed ingredients as the norm. There are better to be found and these have a direct impact on the end result.

If you are looking for what everyone else offers then we are not the bakery you want. If the end result matters and you want to enjoy the tastes that you remember as a child then we are what you are looking for. We create everything using the best ingredients available and are items you will be thrilled to serve your family and your guests. We are not what everyone wants, we are what everyone desires and deserves. We look forward to serving you!